Yes Finance wants to make your lending experience as simple, and as uncomplicated, as possible. Please visit our Glossary for general consumer lending terminology, which may help answer some of your questions. For specific answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions, please read below. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, we welcome your call at 1-866-204-1129, or feel free to email us at, and our Customer Contact Center will be happy to offer the information you need.
What Credit Products do you offer?
Yes Finance is a direct lender, offering closed-ended installment loans to approved applicants in participating U.S. states.
Where can I apply?
For the simplest and fastest experience, we welcome you to apply here. If you would apply over the phone, please call our Customer Contact Center at 1-866-204-1129 and a friendly agent will be happy to collect your information and process your application that way. Both options only take a few minutes to complete.
What are the Fees and Costs?
Our fees vary by your state of residence. Yes Finance will not surprise you with any unexpected fees after you originate your loan. All interest rates and fees are detailed in your loan agreement and explained during the approval process. Please visit our Rates page for more information.
How Much Will I be Approved For?
Lending regulations vary by state. Loan amounts will be based on the applicant’s creditworthiness, as assessed during the application process.
Can I cancel my loan after I sign the loan agreement?
Yes, you may can cancel your loan interest-free, and without penalty, within the first 3 business days following a loan’s effective date. To cancel, please call our Customer Contact Center at 1-866-204-1129. Upon canceling your loan, you will still be responsible for returning the entire amount received for that loan.
Do I need a bank account to take out a loan?
Yes, currently you must have an open checking account with a bank or credit union, in order to accept funds.
Do I need a job to take out a loan?
You do not need to have a job to be eligible for a loan with Yes Finance. However, one qualification is a regular source of income, in order to demonstrate that you can make timely payments on the loan.
If my Yes Finance application is not accepted, can I apply again? When?
Certainly. Although we understand you may experience various financial hardships, Yes Finance wants to be your preferred resource for funds. If your application is not accenpted, then please try again after 30 days of your last attempt.
How do I pay my loan off in full?
Congratulations! We encourage you to pay off your loan in full at anytime, which is why we do not charge any pre-payment penalties. Simply contact our Customer Contact Center at 1-866-204-1129. Upon paying off your loan, a Yes Finance agent will also let you know if your account is eligible for another loan at a reduced interest rate.
You may also payoff your loan at anytime, using your debit card, in your online customer portal. This option is highly encouaraged, particularly during weekends and non-business hours.
When am I eliglble for another loan (additional funds)?
We are certainly happy to remain a resource for your financial needs! If you are payoff your loan using your debit card, you are eliglble for another loan immediately. If you payoff your loan using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) method, there is a 3 business day waiting period before being eligible for additional funds.
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